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is one of the fastest growing healthcare technology company which designs & develop innovative health information systems and also provides IT solution & services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our simple yet powerful & most reliable solutions easily simplify decision making, streamline operations, in addition to compliance with healthcare standards & practices; as a result saving effort and time in addition to profits. We are India’s one of the leading IT healthcare technology companies with around 5+ years of experience in the single domain of healthcare. Specialized in delivering management information systems for Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacy Chains, we have around many projects running across pan India and worldwide.


The Rahman Hospitals Pvt. Ltd

Arogya Hospital
& Research Centre

Seven Sisters Hospitals

Goenka Nursing Home

Kumar Nursing Home



Rely HIS is a world class Hospital Information System or Hospital Managment Software. Rely Healthcare Technologies has developed Rely HIS a web based Hospital Management Software that is developed using latest technologies to manage working of a hospital in a paperless environment.

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Rely LIS is a powerful clinical Laboratory Information System featuring a built in interface engine for seamless integration with HIS, Billing, EMR, and reference labs. All historical results are stored for instant viewing and a single screen is utilized for accessioning, coding, and reporting of results.

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Rely RIS is a powerful clinical Radiology Information System & the platform for a more intelligent approach to imaging, one that takesfull advantage of the information residing in RIS. This robust suite of tools can help your radiology department.

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Rely PIS is a world class Pharmacy Information System or Pharmacy managment software. It's designed to elimate error while dispensing medicines + control over medicines stocks.

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