Rely PIS

Product Overview

Pharmacy Information System (PIS)

Introducing Rely PIS, the world-class pharmacy management software designed for pharmacy owners. Our software is designed to eliminate errors while dispensing medicines and provide complete control over medication stocks.

Rely PIS is customizable to meet the unique requirements of your pharmacy, ensuring that you have a system that is tailored to your needs. With our automated ordering, dispensing, and inventory management processes, our software helps improve the efficiency of your pharmacy staff.

Our software ensures that you stay compliant with medication safety regulations and standards, giving you the peace of mind that you're providing safe and effective care to your patients. Additionally, Rely PIS provides valuable data and analytics to aid in informed decision-making about operations and patient care.



Key Benefits

Enhanced Patient Safety

Rely PIS reduces medication dispensing errors, ensures timely administration, and reconciles medication on admission and discharge, leading to improved patient safety.

Improved Pharmacy Efficiency

Rely PIS system automates ordering, dispensing, and inventory management processes, which improves the efficiency of pharmacy staff.

Customizable to Organizational Needs

Rely PIS can be adapted to accommodate workflow, standards, and practices with less disruption and higher user adoption.

Reduced Medication Cost

Efficient inventory management, waste reduction, and optimized drug usage lead to cost savings.

Improved communication and collaboration

Rely PIS can facilitate communication between pharmacists, physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers, leading to better coordination of care.

Enhanced regulatory compliance

Rely PIS helps pharmacies stay compliant with medication safety regulations and standards.

Improved patient outcomes

By reducing medication errors, ensuring timely medication administration, and optimizing medication usage, Rely PIS can contribute to improved patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Analytics and reporting

The system can provide valuable data and analytics on medication usage, dispensing patterns, and other key performance indicators, helping pharmacies make informed decisions about their operations and patient care.


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