Rely RIS

Product Overview

Radiology Information System (RIS)

Introducing Rely RIS, a comprehensive platform that optimizes patient scheduling and workflow, improves communication between radiologists and referring physicians, streamlines revenue cycle management, and enhances inventory management. With real-time access to critical data and analytics, decision-making is improved, and overall process improvement is enabled. Rely RIS offers a more intelligent approach to imaging, leveraging the information residing in the RIS to improve radiology workflow and department performance, making it an essential tool for healthcare organizations looking to streamline radiology processes and improve overall patient outcomes.



Key Benefits

Optimized patient scheduling and workflow

Rely RIS is designed to improve patient scheduling and workflow, which reduces wait times and enhances overall patient satisfaction. With a more efficient and streamlined scheduling process, healthcare organizations can ensure that patients receive prompt and appropriate care, leading to better outcomes.

Enhanced collaboration

Our RIS platform facilitates collaboration between radiologists and referring physicians. By providing real-time access to critical data and images, physicians can make informed decisions more quickly, and radiologists can communicate results more effectively. This leads to better patient care and more accurate diagnoses.

Real-time access to critical data and analytics

With Rely RIS, healthcare organizations have access to real-time data and analytics. This enables better decision-making and process improvement. For example, staff can use data to identify bottlenecks in the workflow and make adjustments to increase efficiency. Additionally, physicians can access patient data quickly and easily, which improves overall patient care.

Increased staff productivity

Rely RIS is equipped with a range of tools that help increase staff productivity. This includes features such as patient and image tracking, which streamline workflow and reduce errors. With less time spent on administrative tasks, staff can focus on patient care, leading to better outcomes and higher levels of patient satisfaction.

Streamlined revenue cycle managemen

Our RIS platform automates billing and reporting processes, reducing errors and improving financial performance. This streamlines the revenue cycle management process, which helps organizations manage costs and maximize revenue.

Inventory management

Rely RIS includes inventory management tools, ensuring that adequate supplies are always available when needed. This helps reduce costs associated with ordering, storing, and managing inventory.


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