Rely RIS ( Radiology Information System )

Rely RIS ( Radiology Information System )

Rely Healthcare Technologies has developed a unique perspective on radiology workflow throughyears of working with a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations to understand their complex radiology workflow and information technology requirements. We have leveraged this expertise to create new tools that will help you streamline the many workflow processes within your department.
Rely RIS is the platform for a more intelligent approach to imaging, one that takesfull advantage of the information residing in RIS. This robust suite of tools can help yourradiology department:
Increase staff productivity, which can allow for more time for patient care. Seamlessly manage patient and image tracking to improve operational efficiency.

Rely Healthcare Technologies

is one of the fastest growing healthcare technology company which designs & develop innovative health information systems and also provides IT solution & services that transform the administrative and clinical operations of healthcare organizations of all sizes. Our simple yet powerful & most reliable solutions easily simplify decision making, streamline operations, in addition to compliance with healthcare standards & practices; as a result saving effort and time in addition to profits. We are India’s one of the leading IT healthcare technology companies with around 5+ years of experience in the single domain of healthcare. Specialized in delivering management information systems for Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers and Pharmacy Chains, we have around many projects running across pan India and worldwide.

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