Dr. Jyoti Rama Das

Advisor, Rely Healthcare Technologies

Dr. Jyoti Rama Das
  • Dr. Jyoti Rama Das is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Integra Ventures, an exclusive Hospital & Healthcare Projects & Consulting firm from India. He is a live member of Academy of Hospital Administration and CII National Healthcare Committee, New Delhi. 


  • He is a post Graduate in Hospital & Healthcare Management from “Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI)”, Hyderabad. He has also practiced as a Physical Therapist before pursuing his PostGraduation.  
  • By profession Jyoti Rama is a Healthcare Management Consultant experienced in handling myriad of projects in the Healthcare sector. He has led the multi-disciplinary team at Integra Ventures in planning, developing and commissioning functionally efficient healthcare facilities specialized in the areas of Oncology, Orthopedics & Trauma Care, Cardiac Care, Mother and Child Care, Infertility care (IVF) centers, Ophthalmic care Hospitals and multi-specialty facilities.  
  • Dr. Jyoti Rama and his team at Integra Ventures has been extensively working towards standardization of systems and processes in Healthcare organizations; they are responsible for implementing Quality assurance standards in more than 80 facilities across East and North-east India. 
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